Japoński Lifting Twarzy by Lone Sorensen

Japanese Face Lifting by Lone Sorensen – Sorensensistem™

Sorensensistem ™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a holistic rejuvenating treatment developed by Lone Sorensen, which smooths wrinkles in a non-invasive way, improves the face oval and makes the face glow. By stimulating points and zones on the face, it deeply affects tissues, stimulating the natural regeneration processes of the face and the whole body. The treatment stimulates the process of removing toxins, tones and firms the skin, minimizes thin lines and reduces deep wrinkles.  

What is the Sorensensistem ™ method ???

The name Sorensensistem ™ refers to a therapeutic system consisting of neuroreflexology therapies developed by Lone Sorensen and patented by her, which was created on the basis of her 30 years of research and professional practice as a reflexologist. Japanese Cosmolifting is one of the results of work on the Sorensensistem ™ system, focusing on maximizing the aesthetic effects of the procedure, while deeply in a state of mental and physical relaxation. Sorensensistem ™ combines, among others, elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cybernetic method of the Vietnamese doctor Bui Quoc Chau, techniques of indigenous South American Indians, methods of the Japanese doctor Yamamoto, techniques of stimulation of facial muscles of the Argentine doctor Castillo Morales, methods of intestinal lines and many others techniques and methods with modern achievements in neurophysiology.   At Sorensensistem ™, three currents can be distinguished: aesthetic – Japanese Cosmolifting, CosmoEye and Cosmofacial, therapeutic – neuroreflexology of the face, head, feet and hands, Temprana therapy – an innovative method of rehabilitation of neurological and genetic diseases. Sorensensistem ™ is called neuroreflexology, because unlike classical reflexology, it not only affects specific organs, but also relies on processes in the nervous system and enables precise interaction with selected brain centers.

Who is the creator of Japanese Face Lifting ???

Lone Sorensen is a world-famous reflexologist and therapist who initiated the current and created from scratch her own system of advanced nero-reflex therapy SorensenSistemTM. Dunk’s neuro-reflex therapy for the face, feet and hands has been developed on the basis of its 30 years of research and intensive work in Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Cuba. She took part in many state and international conventions and conventions. And in March 2001 she was awarded by the humanitarian organization O.M.H.S. in Argentina, three honorary titles for his work in Reflex Therapy, Hand and Foot Reflexology and Face Reflexology, thus becoming the first therapist in the world to have such an honor.

Who is Japanese Face Lift for ???

The treatment is recommended for women and men of all ages – it works perfectly as a method of preventing collagen loss and wrinkles, and reduces the effects of aging on mature skin. This therapy is an ideal alternative to invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. What frequency of treatments ??? The natural lifting effect lasts from 24 hours to over 3 days. Ideal as a banquet treatment the day before an important event, or as a series of treatments to significantly improve skin tone. It is recommended to perform a series of Japanese Face Lifting treatments to help maintain the effects, because each therapy helps to strengthen facial muscle tone. Lone Sorensen recommends two or three massages in the first week, followed by weekly treatments until eventually reduced to less frequent intervals. Sorensensistem ™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting – Japanese face lifting is one of the best, non-invasive ways to rejuvenate your face and maintain a youthful appearance.

Any contraindications ???

Small, but still: Facial dermatological changes that prevent full-face treatments (e.g. skin inflammation / fresh, unhealed scars and wounds / etc.) aesthetic medicine in the face within the last 4 weeks: operations, botox, hyaluronic acid, fat injection, etc.

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