Body treatments

Vegan Nature – is a unique, vegan line recommended for the care of the whole body, 100% vegan formulas of preparations, composed of natural ingredients, which constitute a minimum of 90% of all raw materials used in preparations: vegetable oils, minerals and botanical extracts, not tested on animals. An aromatic body treatment matched to the mood and needs of the skin through individual selection of the fragrance note from among the 4 available fragrance oils – earth, fire, water and air. The treatment consists of body scrub, relaxing massage and, depending on the needs of the skin, applying hydro mousse or balm. – 90 min  NEW TREATMENT!!!  




Thalassotherapy – Seaweed Body Contouring Mask (Repechage) – ritual with salt body peeling, algae mask for body, massage with firming lotion – firming mask with organically grown algae is the perfect solution to get rid of cellulite, dry skin, loss of firmness. The treatment is especially recommended as adjunctive therapy

during weight loss process. It is also recommended for stressed people. Ritual provides a relaxing, moisturizing and firming the skin, improve microcirculation – 80 min





Ritual Guarana Slim (Farmona) – slimming body treatment gives relaxation for body and mind, guarana helps to reduce body fat, juicy lychees take care of an optimal level of skin hydration, vitamin C will take care of antioxidant

protection for the skin and strengthen the blood vessels, stimulation of collagen and firming; slimming body treatment: lychee-scented scrub, slimming and firming mask, massage with lychees oil – 80 min





Ritual Sakura Youth (Farmona) –  aromatic firming treatment rejuvenating for skin early aging, requiring regeneration and nutrition: sugar peeling, massage with cherry oil and applying a cherry balm – 80 min






Pistachio Pleasure Glamour Body Ceremony – firming and rejuvenating body treatment – massage on pistachio

peeling base (25 min), pistachio relax and shower, massage with pistachio smoothie until absorbed – 50 min





Silk Body – cleansing and moisturizing body treatment – body peeling (25 min) rubbing luxurious, silky balm (20 min) –

45 min

160 PLN
Lovely Feet – nourishing and regenerating mask for feet – 15 min 80 PLN
BHS – BODY HEALTH® (slimming, cellulite elimination) 10 massages: – 10%    
vacuum slimming massage, all body 90 PLN
tricot for repeat use 80 PLN
RADIO FREQUENCY RF WITH BIOSTIMULATING LASER for BODY – support fat burning, cellulite elimination, firming,

elimination of strech mark

belly or buttocks / arms 260 / 220 PLN
belly & hips / thighs 320 PLN