Hawaiian Massage LOMI LOMI NUI

Lomi Lomi Nui is an unusual Hawaiian massage with ancient roots and traditions. Once it was intended only for tribal chiefs and shamans. Hawaiians cared for their leaders, so that they were in good physical and mental condition and able to make the best decisions for the people and the environment. Massages were performed in temples by Kahunas on the stone tables under which the fire was burning. The LOMI massage gave purification, strengthening and healing. Lomi is a Hawaiian word for massage. In free translation it means squeezing, kneading, and as well as the touch of velvet paw by happy cat, also open to love. Repetition of words Lomi reinforces its importance, emphasizes its uniqueness. Lomi Lomi massage is therefore special, the only, unique. Harmonious massage combines touch and dance and its activities affect both the physical sphere, as well as emotional, and even spiritual.

On the physical level Lomi Lomi Nui has a rejuvenating effect by stimulating the lymphatic system and blood in the body, cleanses the cells of toxins, improves metabolism, relaxes the muscles.  It also positively affects the cardiovascular, skeletal and nervous systems. In the Lomi Lomi Nui, much attention is paid to work with joints, making them more flexible by the muscle tensions are released in deeper and deeper layers of the body, so that hardened tissues become soft again. Muscle relaxation frees us from the tensions created during stress by releasing the free flow of energy. Many people feel very lightly after the LOMI LOMI. The massage restores body awareness.

On the emotional level massage in a natural and gentle way helps to remove existing fears and concerns, free from aggravating thought patterns and habits, increase self-acceptance and understanding of the surrounding world.

On the spiritual level massage works with loving care, making it easier for us to accept ourselves, and what is happening in our lives. Lomi Lomi Nui helps achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit.

How does massage Lomi Lomi Nui? Massage is done around the massaged person's body, and the energy of the surrounding bodies. Intimate body parts are always covered. Characteristic in this massage is that the massage therapist uses hands, forearms and elbows to perform the massage, and performs dance, graceful movements. This gives the character of ritual and is characterized by a unique harmony and beauty. There are no fixed rules during the "process" of massage Lomi Lomi Nui. Therapist works intuitively and therefore massage can sometimes be delicate, performed as if in slow motion, very relaxing. Sometimes, it can speeded up, more power to strengthening and revitalizing the body.

The benefits offered by the Lomi Lomi  

  • a sense of relief for muscles, improve joints flexibility,
  • improving lymphatic circulation, arteries and veins,
  • improve breathing function, digestion and metabolism,
  • harmonize the nervous system,
  • also brings emotional benefits, experienced both during the session and long after
  • freedom from anxiety,worries and negative thoughts.

Indications for massage:

  • you are overworked, stressed and tense
  • you want to improve well-being
  • you take an important position
  • preparing for an exam or important conversation
  • you feel that you are "on turning point"
  • want to engage in a dialogue with your body
  • take care of your health
  • support the conventional therapy

Today, massage Lomi Lomi Nui is known throughout the world and more and more accessible. You do not have to go to Hawaii to feel its power. You can just call DAY SPA Spameed and make an appointment to experience this.