relaksacyjny masaż całego ciała

Miracle massage – relaxing full body massage with face, hand and foot massage! !

Miracle massage - what is it?

Miracle massage is our own massage. Relaxing full body massage performed in Spameed. It is a holistic, deeply relaxing full body massage together with a face, hand and foot massage. It contains elements of classic massage, Lomi Lomi Nui and foot reflexotherapy. This massage is performed on natural, warm oil, which makes it even more relaxing, soothing and calming. The therapist individually selects massage techniques to meet the needs of our guests. Harmonious and at the same time slightly vigorous movements of the masseur combined with the warmth of olive oil allow our clients to move, even for a moment, somewhere far away from everyday worries, allow to slow down, stop, tempt to forget and fully enjoy this wonderful massage.

Miracle massage - for whom?

Recommended both as the first massage and as every subsequent one for people who like warmth and touch. Recommended as both a gift for a loved one and a gift for yourself. In addition, it is recommended as a massage for people who want to relax, unwind, relax or calm down.

Miracle massage - how to prepare?

It does not require any preparation on the part of the client, we will take care of all the details ourselves. We will prepare a full package needed for a massage, i.e. disposable flip-flops, treatment underwear, towels, a place to put away clothing, optionally a heated massage bed in winter, a qualified therapist and the right atmosphere during the treatment. The only thing that we can suggest and recommend to the client before the massage is to add a body scrub, which is a perfect complement, because it exfoliates calluses, the skin after peeling becomes smoother, softer and fully prepared to absorb all the benefits of massage oil.

Miracle massage - contraindications?

Despite the fact that it is a relaxing and relaxing treatment that can not harm our body in any way, there are several general contraindications to its implementation, the most important of which are:

- inflammation of the body

- body fever

- menstruation

- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- infectious skin diseases

- cancers


Your body, face, hands and feet need this Miracle Massage Enjoy a relaxing Miracle massage!

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