IBX System for nails

Exceptional treatment for nails. Unlike others, it penetrates and rebuilds the nail. Nails are regenerated and strengthened from the inside, growing healthy and durable, while getting shiny colour.

We recommend applying IBX System under gel, acryl or hybrid stylisation.

IBX System for nails

If your nails:

  • are damaged by long-term wear of gel or tips,
  • are thin,
  • split or chip,
  • have white spots and bruises,
  • you can’t seem to grow them,

then IBX treatment is for you!

  • creates protective layer on the nail surface,
  • reduces or completely removes white spots,
  • strengthens top layers of the nail, facilitating regrowing of a healthy nail,
  • gradually fills any defects, restoring shine and smoothness,
  • improves the look and colour of natural nails.

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IBX System treatment – 40 PLN