Laser hair removal


Welcome to the laser hair removal treatments performed by the most modern on the market diode laser LUMEDIN.
Laser diode Lumedin is the medical laser, which uses the latest technology and has confirmed effectiveness.

Key features of the laser:
– there are programs with parameters for different skin phototypes (I-V types by Fitzpatrick cassification) and hair color without the risk of burns.
– treatment programs are divided by genders and areas of treatment: face, arms, underarms, bikini, back, legs, etc.

PRICELIST for one treatment:

upper lip 150 PLN
beard 150 PLN
chin 150 PLN
sideburns 150 PLN
ears 100 PLN
temples 100 PLN
cheeks 200 PLN
neck 200 PLN
whole face 500 PLN
calves (front and back) 300 PLN
calves (front and back) with feet 350 PLN
calves (front and back) with knees 350 PLN
calves (front and back) with feet and knees 400 PLN
thigs (front and back) 500 PLN
thigs (front and back) with knees 550 PLN
whole legs 800 PLN
under arms 250 PLN
shoulders with elbows 250 PLN
forearms with hands 250 PLN
whole hands 450 PLN
traditional bikini (to the line of underwear) 250 PLN
french bikini (left narrow strip) 350 PLN
full brazilian bikini (with gap between buttocks) 450 PLN
buttocks 250 – 300 PLN
groins 150 PLN
back 350 – 450 PLN
chest to the line of belly 350 – 450 PLN
belly 250 – 350 PLN
belly and chest 500 – 650 PLN

– 3 treatments set – 20% discount

– 4 treatments set – 30% discount