Pure Collagen Eye Pads by Thalgo

Eyes are window of the soul. The secret of woman’s beauty is in the eyes.

Living fast, emotions, unhealthy diet – these are just a few of the tired eyes causes. Eyes are the most distinctive feature of the face, so they are worth taking especially good care for them.

Thalgo eye treatment

Try out our Pure Collagen Eye Pads treatment by Thalgo, which will:

  • improve condition of the eye area,
  • regenerate and invigorate the skin,
  • reduce swelling, sagging or circles under eyes.

Regular treatments prevent new wrinkles.

Take home eye cream to support results of the treatment

For everyday care, we recommend Purles 112 cream. Based on natural substances, strengthens protection processes in the skin, regenerates cells, increases collagen production levels, removes small wrinkles and signs of tiredness.

We also recommend Thalgo eye creams:

  • Silicium Eye Cream
  • Collagen Eye Roll On