Geisha Ritual

The Geisha* Ritual – passion of touch

The Geisha Ritual is the author’s anti-stress and relaxing body ritual performed in the only one place in the Tri-City – in Gdansk DAY SPA Spameed.

The Geisha Ritual consists of: a welcome feet massage preceded by a feet bath in the salts, the Indian body massage Padanghata performed using feet, relaxing body massage with the Hawaiian massage LOMI LOMI elements. At the end of the ritual you will get a cup of tea prepared by Geisha. Part of the initial and the end of the ritual takes place in specially selected outfit styled on Geisha.

This Geisha Ritual is designed to achieve: the deep relaxation throughout the body, calm, tranquility, improving mood, mental and physical rebalancing, restoring elasticity to the joints, muscles and tendons. The ritual also helps in alleviation of chronic fatigue symptoms.

During 100 min of ritual therapist’s entire attention is directed to the client and her/his need for relaxation, rest, touch, care, peace and comfort. The therapist, as Geisha, helps and guides the client through the entire ritual, is together on every stage of the ritual.

The ritual is performed in a specially prepared for this room with the sound of relaxing music.

If you want to rest, relax, to forget about the outstanding during more then 1,5 hours, come to DAY SPA Spameed in Gdansk. Our Geisha takes you on a journey from which you come back with a smile, in a good mood, with new positive energy.


* Geisha (Japanese. geisha?, well geiko or geigi) – person (currently only woman) in Japan possessing the skills of artistic, entertaining guests in conversation, dancing, singing and playing instruments. Able to lead the ceremony of preparing and drinking tea. She is dressed in traditional costume.