Treatments for face, neck and neckline


Ultimate Time Solution (Thalgo) – true, manual face lifting, exclusive, intense anti-wrinkle treatment based on algae hormones and the extract of Egypt figs. By making dermostimulation massage “wrinkle after wrinkle” and using a unique cellulose-based mask biological effect of lifting  is obtained. The best treatment in Spameed! 360 PLN
Clinical Repair Care (Purles) – specialistic treatment recommended as a highly advanced care before and after treatments in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery as well as anti-aging treatment. Using high concentrations of the active components ensure clinical effectiveness sean and feeled immediately. 230 PLN
Caviar & Matrix Anti-Aging Treatment (Clarena)  – basic treatment for face, neck and neckline with face massage, reduces wrinkles, improves the shape of the face, reactivates 14 genes of youth, nourishes the skin, improves the cohesion and structure of the skin, tones and firms the skin 190 PLN


Marine Silicium Treatment (Thalgo) – luxurious rejuvenating and lifting treatment, highly concentrated ingredients provide immediate lifting effect, regenerates, smoothes and firms the skin, reduces wrinkles and fills, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, oval face shapes 340 PLN
Diamond Lifting (Clarena) – basic treatment for face, neck and neckline with face massage, lifting and rejuvenation, improves the condition of skin, reduces wrinkles, brightens, includes extracts of caviar, micronized diamond, silk protein 190 PLN


Absolute Hydration Ritual (Thalgo) – treatment extremely moisturizing and relaxing with the use of Seve Bleue – complex which supply to the cells the wealth of marine ingredients and provides long-lasting hydration, stimulates the natural process of detoxification of the skin, resulting in a fresh and radiant appearance 270 PLN
Beauty Hydration Ritual (Thalgo) – moisturizing and beautifying treatment, designed for skin demanding hydration, replaces the water deficit in the skin, restores hydro-lipid coat, improves skin hydration and elasticity of the skin 210 PLN
Aquarelle (Thalgo) – intensive moisturizing treatment – energizing the gray, tired skin, requiring nutrition, hydration and improve microcirculation in blood vessels and lymph vessels. The aim of the treatment is to improve circulation, drainage of the lymphatic vessels, skin hydration and remineralisation 190 PLN


Clear Expert Treatment with vitamine C (Thalgo ) – brightening and rejuvenating treatment for face and neck with pro-vitamin C, regulates the production of melanin, restores firmness and elasticity and youthful appearance 350 PLN
Activ Pure Vit C Treatment (Clarena) – basic treatment for skin with pigmentation and sensitive skin, reduces pigmentation by regulating the synthesis of melanin, prevents new spots, evens skin tone, smoothes skin and reduces wrinkles 190 PLN


Cold Cream Marine Ritual (Thalgo) – specialistic treatment for sensitive skin, intensive ritual using Cold Cream Marine cosmetics known for their unique, improved formula, deeply and lastingly nourishes, hydrates and soothes delicate, dry and sensitive skin, helps increasing skin tolerance for irritation NEW!!! 270 PLN
Sensitive Treatment (Clarena)  –  basic soothing treatment for delicate and sensitive skin, with blood vessels problems. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, reduces irritation and redness, brings calm and comfort 190 PLN


Re-Balancing Treatment (Thalgo) – balancing treatment with micronized algae, designed for oily, acne and combination skin, cleanses the skin of accumulated toxins, accelerates the microcirculation in the blood vessels, and balancing work of sebaceous glands 210 PLN
Anti Acne Cleansing Treatment (Clarena)  – basic treatment, cleansing, for oily, acne and mixed skin with spotty, reduces acne, unblocks sebaceous glands, antibacterial and normalizing, smoothes and brightens the skin 180 PLN




Seaweed Treatment with Rescue Eye Pads (Repechage) – deeply moisturizing and nourishing treatment for the face and neck, due to the content of the algae Laminaria Digitata balances moisture level and strongly revitalizes the skin, is recommended for all skin types, especially those who are tired and dried up the sun and the air conditioning, the treatment is a way for clean and healthy skin , leaving it radiant and refreshed, Rescue Eye Pads put on the eyes will cause brightening and tension of the skin around the eyes 170 PLN


OPTI-FIRM Eye Contour (Repechage) – the treatment improves the contour of the eye, preventing shadows, dark rings, swelling and wrinkles around the eye 150 PLN


Ocean Treatment for Man (Thalgo) – specialist for men treatment 190 PLN