Promotions April 2015

Specialist treatments in promotion prices only in April 2015
(limited number of treatments)

Moisturizing & Antioxidant Expert Treatment (Derm Acte) – intensive moisturizing and antyoxidant treatment, rebuilds and maintains water balance even the most dehydrated skin. It strengthens the skin’s natural protective. The skin regains its comfort, is soft, elastic and brightened. 320 zł 190 PLN
Microdermabrasion Expert Treatment Face & Hands (Derm Acte) – modern, manual exfoliating treatment, smoothing the skin (without equipment), the active ingredients accelerate cell renewal and reduces deep and fine wrinkles. Skin after the treatment is soft, light and smooth, it recovers new radiance and is visibly younger 270 zł 180 PLN
LEOREX Up-Lifting – exclusive moisturizing and lifting treatment for face, neckline and neck. Lifting nanopreparats physically reduce wrinkles, creating the matrix of silica nanomolecules, which pushes out the wrinkles and smoothes the skin, neutralizes free radicals, remove toxins and pollutants, stimulates the skin to regenerate. With the unique nanotechnology takes place progressive action of nutrients and moisturizers for many hours. 240 zł 170 PLN