New botox replacement

Alternative for botox

If botox is not a solution for you, but you want smooth, younger looking skin – here are two new treatments, which will give you just that:

Bio-Botulina plus Retinol (Leim)

Revolutionary, innovative and non-invasive treatment for face, neck and neckline, based on bio-mimetic peptides and retinol. The formula is not only rejuvenating and visibly reducing mimic wrinkles, but also skin thickening, narrowing pores, visible firming and moisturizing the skin.

Express Lift

“Vegetable Botox” (Leim&More) – an alternative to Botox, instantly rejuvenating, non-invasive treatment for face, neck and décolletage based on botanical preparations (Acmella – a plant from Brazil, discovered by Dr. Freedman of the University of Cambridge) providing a lifting effect similar to the botulin toxin.

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Promotions May 2015

Treatments for face, neck, neckline in promotion prices only in May 2015
(limited number of treatments)

LEOREX Up-Lifting – exclusive moisturizing and lifting treatment for face, neckline and neck. Lifting nanopreparats physically reduce wrinkles, creating the matrix of silica nanomolecules, which pushes out the wrinkles and smoothes the skin, neutralizes free radicals, remove toxins and pollutants, stimulates the skin to regenerate. With the unique nanotechnology takes place progressive action of nutrients and moisturizers for many hours. 240 zł 170 PLN
Sensibeautics (Ella Bache) – specialized and luxurius treatment for sensitive skin, refreshes, calms, relieves, brings a feeling of comfort, relaxation, improves skin tone with innovative ingredients and new techniques of massage brushes kabuki 240 zł 170 PLN
SKALPEL (Farmona) – non-invasive wrinkle reduction – a spectacular lifting and rebuilding treatment, a unique and innovative procedure based on an exclusive combination of active ingredients in high concentrations, ie dragon blood, bio silicon, Pronalen Flash Tense Plus®, is recommended for all the needs of different types of mature skin. 180 zł 150 PLN